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Beyza Hotel
Distinguished Guests, welcome to Natural wonders, oxygen tank Altnoluk Beyza Hotel . Appropriate for your lifestyle, in peace, you are at the right adress with your loved to do the holiday. Hotel Beyza, with the unique beauty of the world was established in the neighborhood of the nose thing. Oxygen and humidity ratio of the highest and lowest value is the treatment center for asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, rheumatism, diseases of blood pressure . on the slopes of the mountains Kaz is at sea, has a 50-meter quay, 200-meter private beach, is a place intertwined with nature.

Capacity of 220 beds in our hotels, 24 hour hot water, direct phone connection, satellite tv, air conditioning, market, mini bar, children's playground, mini club, private decorated tv room , in charge of master chief for 300 people with sea view open buffet restaurant, nargile at the sea in beach cafes, the tea in samovar , Turkish coffee, folk music and listening to music, mysticism, documentary, film, the active radio broadcast, animation, day activities of our group near the pool-games-prize competitions are organized.

For our young guests, in indoor and outdoor areas education, entertainment, sports and activities regarding the development was considered. Our facility has 1000 m2 fresh water pool, special purified pool for children between the ages of 0-4 . For lady guests 3000 m2 treated with filter sea water-filled wave-off with jacuzzi private pool is available . For Ladies mornings aerobics, gymnastics and water sports activities were prepared.

Sauna, whirlpool, table tennis, beach volleyball, soccer tournament, the field of carpets, backgammon tournaments, okey tournaments are available. Sauna, is free on tuesday for ladies and gentlemen on Friday. each evening entertainment animation between 23:30 and 22:00 with the participation of you show programs are organized.

For lady guests in Beyza Hotel, beauty and care units is available. Is also a market to meet immediate needs. air hockey, pinball playstation, table tennis, internet connection is available.

One day a week with the participation of you Paid boat trips, moonlight tours at night are held . Altnoluk pearl of the Aegean, Akcay, Edremit, Kkkuyu regions' natural beauty are tracked from the sea.

Beyza Hotel Balıkesir / Türkiye
Telephone: +90 (266) 396 13 13

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Beyza Hotel
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Ouardani / holland said that:
Asalamualeikum can you give me a Price for all inklusiv food and driks all Day (full pension) . we are 2 adulte and 2 kids(5,10yeats old) from 10 august 2013 to 17 august 2013 my email
2013-06-20 17:53:10
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